Home made Dog Treats

Scratch made treats for the fur baby (or babies) in your life!  You love them like they were you're own children, and now there are treats that are consciously thought out with your best fur friend in mind.  New recipes are always being thought up, researched, tested, and added to the menu - so you'll want to make sure to check back often.  My goal is to offer your pooch something new and unique - and that no other dog bakery offers.  All items are hand forged, formed, and cut.


Only the best organic  & natural human grade ingredients are used in my recipes.  The purees are home made with out any sugar,  brown rice is puffed per batch, oat flour is ground on a as needed bases, and the parsley is chopped & dried in small batches to ensure freshness.  Recipes are wheat/gluten (*), egg, yeast, toxic nuts, salt, sugar, baking powder and soda free.  

(*contains  organic rolled oats and/or oat flour) 

A lot of time, thought and effort  is spent on every recipe/idea  that appears on the menu.  I personally taste test each recipe  for quality, texture, looks, and above all taste.  To humans, the treats will taste very bland, to your slobber muffin, it will taste DELICIOUS! 

Small Batch made, means Super Fresh baked goods

There are no preservatives, additives, chemical, and/or stabilizers used in any of my dog treats-every thing is made in small batches to ensure to best for your pup!  Some of the treats will last longer if stored in the refrigerator/freezer, while others will be fine on the shelf in your pantry for.  

Not sure your pup will go through their treats fast enough, then store in the fridge to ensure everything will last until they do - just keep everything air tight, and you should be good to go!

***Does your fur baby have food allergies, sensitivities or issues/concerns?  Low Protein treats are also available and listed on the Menu page. Most of my treats can be customized for them.  Let me know what it is they can/can't have, and I  can make it happen for your best friend!

You know your pooch wants 'em...This is how to get'em

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Order individual treats, Paw Packs, Paw City Bake Shop tee shirts, or if you have any questions or special requests.  The forms of payment that I'm currently set up for are: SquareCash-Venmo-Zelle-Square (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)-ApplePay.  I can sed you a link to any of the above for a fast and easy option.

Keep an eye out for my "PUP-UPS"!!!  You can find where I will pop up on the  'What's Going On' tab.

Paw City Bake Shop

Specialty bakery items for the furry ones in your life!


Dog bakery in Seattle

The Savory Life


Seattle Slobber's: Organic 2 oz beef patty, layered with cream cheese on an organic bun.  Special order item.

The Sweet Life


Special Request: 2 layer cakes with berry compote filling & peanut butter frosting. Decorated with KITTYPOOP & PAWCHIPS.