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Grassroots Small Business Start Up

This is a one person (& one dog...Rooney) I do every single thing for this business.; from creating the recipes and testing them, building and maintaining this website - and everything in between.  It's an honor, to be able to follow my passion and incorporate the two things dear to my soul: cooking and dogs. 

Professionally trained  and graduated from the Seattle Culinary Academy and former private chef.  It's my love and passion that drives me to create the BEST treats for your BEST friend - and to do it the MOST organic and natural way possible by eliminating a majority of ingredients found in commercial and other dog treats that are on the market.  

Being a former employee at a local holistic pet shop in Seattle; I learned so much about animals and their digestive systems, common allergies, and intolerances - so I take that into consideration when making my small batch treats.

Transparency is Everything

All of my ingredients are listed out on the menu page.  Every single thing is human grade.  My mission is to try and source as much of my ingredients locally and from small farms & shops.  This is my way of giving back to to community, and keep local business alive and thriving in our community.

I personally taste every single treat I make to ensure the taste, texture, and quality of each them.  Also, each treat is tested for it's shelf life so that I can give you the best information for my dog treats.  If I won't put it in my mouth, then I'm not giving it to your dog, that's a promise!

Rooney's job is being the "official" taste tester and model for Paw City Bake Shop!

This site will ALWAYS be growing and changing.  New recipes and flavors are constantly being added.

This Girl is doing it for Herself

Being the only person for this business also means I'm the sole provider for it.  Paw City Bake Shop is 100% funded by myself and the sales I make - so this means that I don't have any loans from banks-friends-family, investors, and or backers...just me.  With that being said, your donations are always appreciated and welcomed!  Paw City Bake Shop is my dream in the making, I have been building this business for the past couple of years.  It's been slow, hard, exhausting, and exhilarating all at the same time;  and I will do anything to see that it succeeds!